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Our Service Pillars

The 3 C’s

Instant Travel and Immigration Consulting

Your one-stop shop for any U.S. Visa questions: ensure you always stay on track and ahead of the latest developments.

Case-building and Coaching

Learn how to strengthen your case, gather your proof and prepare your narrative. Avoid any possible reason for rejection

Dedicated, in-depth U.S. Visa Consulting

Access our extensive network of dedicated consultants and former Consular Staff, on demand, globally and 24/7.

The GovAssist Network

A robust team with a proven track-record

With more than 120,000 successful cases on record, GovAssist is a leading name in the U.S. Travel and Immigration Consulting world.

Our specialised team of immigration advocates is supported by an extensive network of former U.S. Consular staff, giving travellers worldwide instant access to decades worth of experience in the field - and maximising their chances of an efficient, stress-free path to obtaining a U.S. visa or entry permit.

Dedicated, tailored, human support.

Get live, instant and relevant assistance for your case: your dream deserves better than a chatbot.

Benefit from an organisational structure centered on delivering personalised care, with an advisor who is familiar with your case and understands your situation far beyond what a google-search can tell you.

User-friendly digital tools replace tedious paperwork.

Access our various software-based solutions to minimise the time and energy you spend on repetitive tasks, and get insight on your U.S. visa options from the comfort of your own device.

Unlimited global support, no matter which time zone you call home.

On-demand access to live assistance, worldwide and 24/7/365.

Simple cost structures with no hidden fees, for 12 months of unlimited support to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Our team will happily respond to you in 100+ languages, so don’t worry if your English skills aren’t up to speed!

Full assistance throughout your U.S. Visa journey

Have a personal advisor by your side from start to finish to maximise your chances of success, and stop months from turning into years.

No matter how complex your situation may seem, our team is there at every step of the way to make sure your case is as strong as possible - after all, every story is unique.

How It Works?

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1. Evaluate your options

Using the online assessment wizard, you can start right now.

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2. Data verification

Your unique data is quickly processed by our team in order to formulate an action plan.

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3. Select a service level

Based on your needs, select the service plan that best fits your needs.

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4. Official submission

Guided by your personal advisor, build your file, pay the relevant fees and submit your official request.

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5. Consular Interview

Your dedicated consultant helps you prepare and understand the key elements of the Consular interview.

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6. Obtain your Visa!

With comprehensive assistance from start to finish, you will maximise your chances of approval. Set yourself up for success.

Avoid unnecessary costs

Make sure you don’t run into avoidable extra costs by getting your file as complete and solid as you can and averting the common mistakes.

Keep your budget under control, with a single one-time fee and clarity on your estimated total spend from the start.

Recover time and energy.

U.S. immigration regulations, procedures and exceptions are notoriously complex and can be difficult to make sense of if you are on your own.

By having clarity on your options from the start, and access to a support network with decades of experience at every step of the way, you can focus on what is relevant and important to your situation.

Increase your chance of success.

Many delays and even rejections come down to simple errors which are easily avoided if you have the benefit of experience.

Leverage your advisor’s extensive experience to identify potential weaknesses in your case before you even submit it, and learn how to improve your chances.

Get assistance in your time zone.

No matter where you are in the world, we are available when you are; you will not have to wait for U.S. business hours to get a reply.

Your dedicated consultant is there 24/7, all year long, to respond to your questions and concerns. After all, dreams do not sleep!