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Dedicated U.S. travel & immigration consulting

With more than 250,000 successful cases on record, GovAssist helps people from around the world to visit or settle in the U.S.

Our Mission to find the best solution for each unique American Dream.

Applying for an authorization to stay on U.S. land (for a while or permanently)? We aim to keep your journey as stress-free as possible, while saving time, money and energy for all parties involved.

Our Goal to provide professional help for every possible type of U.S. Visa, Green Card or Citizenship.

We started small, focusing on U.S. nonimmigrant visas. Soon we expanded to U.S. immigration consulting, serviced through GovAssist Legal LLC (a non-traditional legal services provider employing Utah-licensed lawyers).

Our Secret Sauce the use of state-of-the-art technology in everything we do, for a super fast and super easy journey.

Gone are the days of confusion and slow service. We use custom software to keep every case updated in real time, whether it’s new information coming from your part or from the authorities.

Our Biggest Asset our specialized team which offers 24/7 worldwide assistance by phone or email.

Our travel & immigration consultants work with an extensive network of former U.S. Consular officers and with our in-house immigration lawyers from GovAssist Legal.

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Whether it’s just for a holiday or for the rest of your life, our dedicated experts stand by your side.
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