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Hi there!
My name is Dana, and I’m the Head of HR here at GovAssist.

With continuously growing demand, and a world that is getting more complex every day, we are always searching for new talent to join our ranks around the world.

If you speak English, Spanish, French or any other major language and would like to grow and/or apply your expertise in the field of travel and immigration - look no further.

At GovAssist, we have an intense focus on leveraging the best technical tools at our disposal in order to enhance - not replace - authentic human interactions and experiences.

The cases we handle are often complex, sometimes sensitive, but always unique - and we know that YOU are the decisive factor in our capacity to deliver on the commitments we make to our clients. As such, we continuously invest in our team’s capacities, in terms of:

  • Soft skills and Emotional Intelligence;
  • Data analysis and reporting;
  • Industry best-practices and workflow management;
  • Primary research and intelligence gathering;
  • Application and implementation of latest technology;
  • Industry-specific knowledge;
  • …and much more!