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GovAssist is a company that operates fully remote and offers US immigration-consulting services. Our mission is to bring fast, affordable and efficient immigration consulting services to every US visa applicant in the world.

Level 1 Customer Service Representative role description:

As part of the L1 team you will be your best possible self at helping customers throughout their visa application process. In this role, you should expect to:

  • be responsible for the customer interaction across multiple platforms (tickets, phone, chat)
  • use one hour of your day for learning and professional development
  • prepare and participate in team and 1:1 meetings
  • actively contribute to improving customer service processes and workflows so that they best serve the customer
  • handle special assignments when provided by the manager

To do this role well, you’d need to have:

  • remote work setup (home office/desk, good working computer/laptop, 2 monitors or 1 extra monitor if you’re using a laptop, reliable internet connection, backup internet connection, good working headphones and microphone)
  • excellent knowledge and use of English language – writing, speaking, listening
  • attention to details
  • clear communication skills
  • ability to use positive language
  • persuasive writing and speaking skills
  • active listening skills
  • ability to show empathy
  • patience
  • good emotional regulation skills
  • adaptability
  • willingness to learn and improve
  • ability to admit you don’t have the answer
  • ability to ask for help when needed
  • ability to work independently and with the team
  • ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment

Nice to have:

  • previous experience in a customer service role
  • experience working with ticketing systems

To apply for this job please visit govassist.com.

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https://govassist.com is not affiliated with the United States Department of State (US DOS), the United States Department of Homeland Security (US DHS), the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), or any other United States governmental agency. Except for our affiliated and independent lawyers/attorneys explicitly disclosed in the service, we are not a law firm, we do not provide legal advice, and we are not a substitute for an attorney. Neither govassist.com nor its employees claim to have any special knowledge of immigration law or procedure. Listed purchase prices for application preparation assistance services do NOT include any government application, medical examination fee, filing, or biometrics fees. The applications completed using our service are available as blank forms for free on some USA Government websites. Lawyer services are provided by independent Lawyers and these services are subject to a separate, Limited-Scope Lawyer Agreement. We are a private, internet-based travel technology service provider dedicated to helping individuals travel to the United States. If you do not wish to utilize our services, you may apply directly at travel.state.gov or at uscis.gov.

Chargeback Policy Notice

By obtaining our services, you agreed to be bound by the service terms and this refund policy. Utilizing a chargeback to obtain a refund outside of these conditions is a violation of these terms. We take this issue extremely seriously and may report suspicious payment disputes to both the payment processors as well as the US State Department and/or Canadian Immigration Service, and other pertinent agencies as applicable, along with accompanying proof of fraud. As chargeback fraud is a crime. This can result in being temporarily or permanently barred from entry to the destination country, as well possible criminal and civil charges. Chargeback fraud is theft and larceny. Individuals who have been caught perpetrating chargeback fraud have been prosecuted for such. According to Nasir N. Pasha (Esq.), the managing attorney of Pasha Law PC in an article published by Chargeback.Com “Where you (the merchant) have reasonable proof that chargeback fraud occurred, it need not be for a large sum of money for authorities to prosecute. There are different degrees of charges that range from petit larceny, often defined [as] theft that is below $50, to grand larceny, often defined as theft above somewhere between $500 to $1,000.” We encourage our clients to contact us to resolve any service problems they may have encountered, and to prevent any future issues.


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