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Our visa consultants know by heart the steps, timeline, costs, requirements, government procedures, and common pitfalls for every type of U.S. Visa.

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Business Visitor Visa Consulting

The B-1 Visa is normally issued to travellers who plan to attend a business meeting or conference, for the purpose of managing estates, or in order to sign a business deal.

B-1 Visas do not confer the right to seek employment in the U.S.

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Tourist Visitor Visa Consulting

B-2 Visas are granted to travellers intending to enter the U.S. for a limited stay of up to 180 days, for leisure, tourism, medical treatment or any combination of these.

Combined B-1/B-2 visas can be issued if applicable.

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Transit Visa

C-type visas are issued to travellers who enter the U.S. for a short layover on the way to another country, or to crewmembers joining their vessel in the U.S.

Even if you don’t plan on leaving the airport, a transit visa will be required.

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Crewmember Visa Consulting

D-type visas are issued to travellers entering the U.S. as part of a crew on a vessel (ship or aircraft).

If you are joining your vessel in the U.S., you will need a combined C-1/D Visa in order to travel.

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Student Visa

Student Visas (F or M-type) are designed for travellers intending to study full-time in the U.S. with an accredited academic institution.

Keep in mind you must have completed your SEVIS registration in order to be eligible.

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Fiancé Visa

K-1 Visas are specifically designed for foreign citizens who wish to get married with their american partner on U.S. territory.

It is one of the most common paths towards Green Card obtention, after the wedding.

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Denied Visa Consulting

Visa rejections can be due to a wide variety of causes - and embassies rarely provide specific feedback on this matter.

Avoid wasting more time and money, and speak with our experts to find out how you can strengthen your case.

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Consulting for other U.S. Entry Permits

If you are not sure what category your situation corresponds to, our consultants are here to get you on your way.

No matter how complex your story, we can help you identify the most feasible solution.

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