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Need a lawyer consultation for U.S. immigration issues?

Set up a confidential 30-min one-on-one call with one of our licensed Immigration Lawyers.

Every immigration case is unique, and some stories are more convoluted than others. 

Only a licensed immigration attorney can provide legal advice on how to move forward with your case based on your particular circumstances - and the more complex your case is, the more support you might need.

Our strategy calls are fully confidential and free of any further commitment on either side. However, the fee for this consultation is credited to your case, if you choose to continue representation with us.

Whether you have already filed your application, or you are still considering your options, make a better decision after a deep-dive into your case with a licensed immigration lawyer, who can provide actionable advice on how to improve your chances for success and avoid unnecessary delays.

The Attorney Strategy Call package includes:

A 30-minute consultation with a licensed Immigration Attorney.
One of our attorneys will review your case, highlight any potential risks, provide tips and answer any questions or concerns you might have.
Secure online meeting, scheduled at your convenience. 
Get answers to your questions and concerns with full confidentiality and no further commitments on either part.
Decades of experience.
No matter how complex your personal story, the immigration lawyer is prepared to help you understand the best way forward for your case.
Concrete action plan and strategic advice.
Receive actionable advice on the best strategy to use for your case - to improve your chances for success and ensure you have the right expectations.
All immigration cases are handled by GovAssist Legal LLC, a non-traditional legal services provider employing Utah-licensed lawyers to practice law.


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