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When is a new Green Card required?

Green Cards are typically issued for either a 2 or 10 year period to foreign citizens who have obtained Legal Permanent Resident status, serving as a valid identification document across the U.S., and proof that you may legally live and work here.

It is very important to keep your Green Card up to date at all times. Without one, it may be difficult to prove your legal status - which might affect your ability to travel abroad.

The exact process to follow for a Green Card renewal is slightly different depending on whether you have a normal 10-year validity, or conditional 2-year validity on your current Green Card:

  • As a conditional resident (2 year validity, marriage-based), you must not let your Green Card expire, or else you may lose your LPR status. You may only apply for “removal of conditions” and a new Green Card up to 90 days before the indicated expiry date.
  • As a permanent resident (10-year validity) you may renew your Green Card within 6 months of their expiry date.

Have you had your Green Card for over 5 years? Why not consider applying for U.S. Citizenship? Find out more here.

When applying for a Green Card renewal, you must:

Have a Green Card which expires in less than 6 months (for 2-year validity permits), or has expired already (for 10-year validity permits);
Have not been deported or stripped of your LPR status some other way;
Provide supporting documentation;
Complete a biometrics appointment.
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