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What is a U.S. Business Visitor Visa?

Business visitor visas (B1 visas) are processed in the same way as tourist/medical visas (B2 visas), and are issued for the purpose of attending a meeting or conference, managing personal estates or signing business deals.

Business visitor visas, however, do not confer a right to be employed in the U.S.

Do not seek employment on a business visitor visa, or you may face serious issues with immigration authorities when trying to adjust your legal status later on. If you are looking for permanent immigration paths or residency, our consultants can provide you with tailored advice, depending on your personal situation.

The standard requirements for a business visitor visa are relatively simple. However, based on your personal situation and the place you will be applying from, you might be asked for additional data, which could lead to substantial delays.

The most common causes for visa delays and even rejections are: providing incomplete information, missing information and procedural mistakes. By choosing to work with a dedicated and experienced U.S. travel & immigration consultant, most of the above mentioned causes can be avoided.

When applying for a business visitor visa, you must:

Have a valid passport. The validity date must be at least 6 months beyond your intended period of stay (unless exempt).
Intend to enter the United States temporarily for a business meeting, conference, or settling a private estate.
Plan to remain on U.S. territory for a specific, limited period of time.
Have sufficient funds to pay for all your expenses while in the U.S.
Have a residence outside the United States, as well as other binding ties to your home country, that will ensure your departure from the U.S. at the end of the visit.
And most importantly, you must present sufficient evidence and supporting documents of the above, which may be more or less complex depending on your personal situation.

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