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Talk to one of the former U.S. Consular officers in our network to find out first-hand what may have gone wrong, and how you can improve your chances the next time.

Visa denied

U.S. Visa Rejections

Visa rejections can have a wide variety of motives, some of which may be legal constraints that cannot be avoided. But in most cases, denials are simply a case of incomplete or unclear information provided to the authorities.

Because of this, it is important to understand exactly what type of information to use, how that information relates to your personal case and how it can be interpreted by the Consular officer in charge of approving or denying your request.

Every case is different, and trusting a simple internet search is probably not going to give you the answers, if you have had a denied visa before.

Don’t waste any more time and money risking another rejection! Find out how you can improve your chances of success with the help of a dedicated travel & immigration consultant, who knows by heart the details of your case. Add to the mix a one-on-one, private 30-minute session with an ex- U.S. Consular officer to look into your personal case, and teach you the ins and outs. Then also add a mock interview with real time feedback and you get a better picture of the complexity of our service.

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Talk to a former Consular officer

Attend a private 30 minute session with one of the ex- U.S. Visa officers of our network. Learn what may have caused the visa rejection and how to improve your chances the next time around.

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Attend a mock interview in which your travel & immigration consultant will guide you through the most probable scenarios. Find out how you can meet the requirements of the U.S. authorities.

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You should be more than ready to try again after the prep phase. Pay the mandatory MRV fee and schedule your interview. Your dedicated visa consultant remains with you on each and every step.

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